Best bang graphics card for the buck, need opions

hello eveyrone

i need help in determing a good graphics card for my system. my current one is about 6 years old and i think the fan on it is starting to go bad.

i am not a hard core gamer, the most intensive game i've played recently is fallout 3 los vegas i believe and the online games last chaos and dungeons and dragons, none of which e tax my current card that i now of.

i watch all my tv/movies on my pc, i get most stuff as i can as 720p mkv files but i occasionally get 1080 as well.

my main requirement for the card is:

be around 75ish bucks or so

be able to support two monitors with either 2 hdmi, 2 dvi or a combo of the two.

current pc setup

intel sandybridge 2600k overclocked to 4.4ghz
16gigs of ddr2 ram running at 1600 if i recall right
asus: xgamer nvideo 8600gt 512megs of ram on card

any help would be appreciated.


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  1. this is what is in your price range:
    GIGABYTE GV-R667D3-1GI Radeon HD 6670 $69.99
    $49.99 after $20.00 rebate(s)
    $6.98 Shipping

    this would be much better if you can afford it:
    HIS iCooler H775F1GD Radeon HD 7750 $104.99
    $94.99 after $10.00 rebate(s)
    Free Shipping
  2. thanks guys for the input.

    i will check these out.

    any idea where i could find a good graphics card chart that would have them listed.

    i thought tom's hardware had one but i can't seem to find it now.

    The 6670 GDDR5 is around 20% better in every way (aside from power consumption and heat output.) than the DDR3 version.
  4. thanks guys thats the chart i was looking for

    my current card is basically on part with intel hd 4000, and as i said its working fine i belive right now except i get the feeling hte fan is goign bad and since i have some money thats why i want to get a new card now.

    funny thing my even older card aiw 1900xl is two tiers higher, for a card thats over like 6 or 7 years old with only 256megs of ram thats seems insane for it to still be so hihger on the chart. i owuld just use that if it owuld allow me to use two monitors and also didn't require the seperate power cable attached to it.

    so anyways given my usage i wonder how much of an improvement i'll see on things.

    i am thinking of going with the 7750

    which is 10 tiers higher.

    thanks guys for your help
  5. Great idea. The only "fairly" good integrated graphics are the new AMD apus. So far intel has not produced one that will beat even old discrete cards like that 1900. The 7750 is a good choice.
  6. well the aiw 1900xl is still a pretty good card, even for how old it is.

    i belive i am goign with a 7750 card, i've not had an ati/amd card fro quite some time with most i've purchased being gforce cards
  7. Did you get it yet? Black Friday is coming up...
  8. yes i bought an asus 7750 card, for like 95 bucks after rebate.

    its already installed and working fine.

    on a side note the day after the graphics card went in and the noises stopped a new noise started and i realized after some test that now its the power supply making the noise, believe its the fan in there, ultra's tech support for email sucks they just end up telling you to call. so i have that to do monday.
  9. Ultras are not good power supplies. I had one fail recently and I will never buy another.

    I'm glad you are enjoying that card... Happy Holidays!
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