Which of these builds is best for gaming?

I would like to use if for gaming, and I may upgrade but I need a PC now because the one I have will be gone soon.

Build #1


Intel Core i3-3220 Ivy Bridge 3.3GHz

SAPPHIRE Radeon HD 7750 1GB 128-bit GDDR5

Build #2

ASRock Z77 Extreme4

Intel Celeron G530 Sandy Bridge 2.4GHz

GIGABYTE GV-R667D3-1GI Radeon HD 6670 1GB 128-bit DDR3

Build #3

AMD A10-5800k


No GPU because CPU has it built in.

If you can tell me what is the best for gaming, and what will be best for later upgrades I would love to see your opinion, or if you have a better build in mind that would be great also, my budget is $450 for desktop then the rest goes to monitor mouse and keyboard and such.
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  1. Build 1 i think
  2. Are you looking to spend 450$ on those 3 pieces or on your whole computer.

    And if your going to be gaming your going to want a good GPU no matter what.
    So build 3 is a no go.

    I would say the first build is the best for gaming in general, do you have a case, hard drive, optical drive, or RAM picked out yet?

    Oh and is operating system in your 450$ budget or do you already have an OS
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