I have Mercury PI945GCM motherboard with Dual core processor of 1.60GHz. 1 GB RAM and Windows XP. I need a graphic card to play 1080p videos smoothly and to play few good games. I just need a 1gb card and within 2000Rs. (INR 2000)
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  1. Anything will be fine for that. as long as your PC isn't full of junk slowing down your system which can have a big impact on playback.

    Off the top of my head I'd recommend something like a HD 6450 but I'm not sure what the prices are in india. I recently got a HD 6450 for my old PC for £26 (2230Rs) and it's not too bad if you don't game (although I did run mass effect 3 and got 30fps @720p).

    the HD 5450 is good for what you want, while it may not be as good at gaming it can easily run video playback at 1080p

    Just make sure your PC has a PCI-E lane
  2. It has PCI-E slot. The videos used to work fine before without any graphic card. Since past 2-3 weeks its playing choppy. I thought it might be because of virus so, I re-installed the operating system, and scanned for virus. There was no virus. And yet videos are playing choppy. Even NFS Most Wanted seems like a 10 GB+ game now. The CPU usage shoots to 100%.
  3. did you do a clean install? what do you mean NFS Most Wanted seems like a 10GB+ game? You mean it's like a newer game which demands more space for large textures etc?
  4. Yes I did. I meant its VERY laggy.
  5. what is your CPU usage during idle? I'm guessing you're using a Pentium E2140 CPU?
  6. Varies from 0-8 % its 2% most of the time. Yes I'm using Pentium E2140.
  7. make sure you download all the latest drivers, here's a link to your motherboards drivers...
  8. Some reason I couldn't get any of them to download... hope they're still providing them :S
  9. Apparently Mercury website is crappy. Not able to download. From what I can see the driver in that page is from year 2007. I have the same drivers then.
  10. But the videos used play just fine a month ago. You really think its related to drivers?
  11. do you have any other problems then just video playback and NFS MW not running? You could try a different video player like VLC player or win amp.
  12. There are no other problems except for that. Actually 720p videos plays just fine. PC hasn't slowed down in any aspect. I am using both VLC and Media player classic.
  13. Run a utility to check your hard drive speed. Could be a failing hard drive.
  14. how do I do that?
  15. here's a GPU if you're interested...

    In total it costs 1850Rs

    By choppy video playback do you mean bad Vsync (frames Split in fast moving scenes) or it stutters?
  16. Go to the website for the manufacturer of your hard drive. They will have a hard drive diagnostic tool that can check the speed. You could also run a chkdsk from the command prompt to check for errors.
  17. Yeah your hard drive could have a case of bit rot.... generally HDDs last around 5 years before they start to slow down and start loosing information (Bit Rot).
  18. Will do that...............In vlc it plays properly for few seconds then while the time is elapsing the video is like a still and after seconds the next frame comes remains in the same frame..........but the audio has no problem.............whereas in Media player classic, the video and audio are not in sync and the video plays like its in "-.025x" mode.
  19. although a failing hard drive would cause other errors and slow downs. Like programs and windows freezing up and/or taking a long time to load
  20. I would try installing a media Codec pack, Personally that's the first thing I do when I get a new PC since I have allot of weird formats like .FLV and it also helps decode and sync the video and audio.
  21. Media player classic a.k.a K-Lite Media Player a.k.a Media Codec pack.
    I have installed that, that's my default player.
  22. Media Player Classic doesn't come with the K-Lite Codec pack does it? does it say on the bottom right in the background tasks that you're running a Dedicated Codec during playback?

    I tried using VLC and Media player classic to run a certian file type and both didn't work until I installed the K-Lite Codec Pack.
  23. yes there is ffshadow, direct vob sub codecs on right side of task bar.
  24. Well It could be your hard drive... I played a movie off my external HDD yesterday and it played for a few seconds and froze until the drive span up and came out of idle mode.

    You should try putting your 1080p movie onto a USB stick and playing them off there. I'm not very experienced in this kind of thing so I can't really help much, sorry.
  25. If it is a hard drive issue the best advice I can give is to try defragmenting the drive. I'm not too sure how you do it on XP but on windows 7 you right click the drive select properties then go into tools and select Defrag now.

    This just moves data which is scattered across the disk and arranges the bits of each file in line so it takes less work and time to read the data. It can also increase boot speeds as well.

    Does your HDD make allot of noise reading data? this is normally a sign of fragmentation because it's having to collect data all across the Disk. I recently run Defrag on my old PC and it actually found an extra 20gb that had gone missing lol.
  26. Defragmenting now.
  27. I don't know if you can still see this thread but, the problem is fixed man!!
    I did defragment but nothing changed. So the other day I was lil bored so I removed the processor fan cleaned the *** of it. I literally cleaned it till it sparkled and also the RAM and RAM slot, used the other RAM slot and ..................Smooth play of 1080p.
    Whew!!!........I guess dirty fan was the wasn't so dirty also but now m just happy my PC is back to normal!.........Thanks a lot man!!
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