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Get a Sapphire Flex or a Displayport monitor for Eyefinity?

Right now I am using Sapphire HD6870, ASUS VS239N, and Samsung 2043SW for the Eyefinity. The middle bezel really annoying me as I could not play any games other than racing games with the dual display. Which of these option will give you 'more bang for your buck'. Please help me to decide.

1st option:
-Get a Sapphire HD7870 Flex Edition
-Add 2 more ASUS VS239N
-2GB VRAM, better for Eyefinity
-3 identical display, enable bezel management
-High price, right now out of budget
-Need to sell my HD6870 first to reach the budget

2nd option:
-Get a Dell U2312HM IPS Displayport monitor
-Add 1 more ASUS VS239N
-No need to get a new card
-1GB VRAM, possibly could not maxed all games
-Need to find Displayport cable, as it is not included with the Dell

Any other suggestions for the setup also are welcomed. Thanks..
Sorry if there is any grammatical error in my post.
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    A 6870 is going to struggle at EyeFinity resolutions. Even with a 7870, you will still NOT come close to maxing most games. With that being said, out of your two options I'd go option 1 simply because the 7870 with the extra ram will make a large difference at the resolutions you are going to be playing at. As far as the sapphire flex, rather than that just get any 7870 and a $20 adapter and you'll be fine. While a monitor with displayport natively would be preferable, its not a requirement, especially since the adapters are much better than when EyeFinity was released and much cheaper. For a displayport cable just check monoprice, they're cheap. Also, if you want to consider a monitor besides the dell look at the Asus VE248Q, I run 3 of them for my EyeFinity setup, HDMI and Displayport.
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