Repowered wireless router, now cannot connect to the internet

Background: AT&T DSL modem connected to wireless router - my boyfriend never had any problems connecting to wireless on his laptop, I frequently had not been able to connect when I booted up my laptop, and after it did connect I would frequently have periods where the connection would regularly drop. Any time I lost connectivity, the iPad would also lose internet.

Earlier this week I was trying to work and could not connect to the internet, neither would the iPad. My boyfriend was online and browsing the web with no issues. I powered off the modem and router, waited a minute, powered back up the modem and left it for a couple of minutes, then powered the router back up. Within a few minutes I was able to get on the internet and worked for several hours with no problems. My boyfriend has not been able to get back on the internet since, though the iPad is working fine. (Needless to say, he isn't very happy with me, especially since I am on the road this week.)

I have no idea what to try. I did some searches and it seems like DSL modems have a lot more issues connecting through routers than cable modems, is that true? I am contemplating just getting a new router and trying that. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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  1. Several router models have issues with dropping wireless as they start to go bad. A new router should fix this. Just make sure with the ISP as to what configuration you may need to do with it once you get the new one. I like the Netgear RangeMax line, they have some of the best wireless hardware out there.
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