PC turns on but no beep

Ok well I'm still new to the pc world so take it easy on me.

Earlier today I left my computer on and went out for a few hours. When i got back I noticed that my computer was off, so than I go to turn it on and when i did that all the fans turned on than the orange light which usually lets me know the hard drive is working, but this time I did not hear anything. All I heard were fans and a blank screen on my monitor and hard no beep. I thought it was my monitor so I connected my pc to my tv and still getting a blank screen. Computer had all the fans on with the orange light lit solid and no sound from hard drive.

I turned off the computer and switched back on but this time I disconnect my RAM no beep, than hard drive no beep again, finally video cards and still no beep. So i have no spare parts to test what the problem is but I'm willing to hear out what it could be and hopefully buy it.

I've read somewhere here that someone had a similar problem and was told it was their PSU...any idea?
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  1. Most likely the PSU.
  2. psu or could even be faulty mobo ports?
  3. Ok well I will go ahead and buy a new PSU...but if it was the PSU will it still turn on the the fans and all? Same thing goes for the motherboard...wouldn't it give me the error code or something?
  4. And one more thing...when the pc is on my dvd drive still opens, but still have the same issue blank screen with all fans still running and un-lit keyboard and mouse. I'm heading out soon to purchase a new PSU...so I'll keep you guys posted.
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