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So I got a new pc for the GF this morning and I was trying to set up dual monitors for her as that is what she uses on her old rig. But I am seeming to have problems with the DVI output as in nothing is happening at all windows 7 nor the AMD VISION Engine Control Center are detecting the monitor pluged in to the DVI slot at all. Even when that is the only monitor nothing happens. The only output is the vga (I have not checked the HMDI output as her monitors have VGA inputs on them.
I have checked that the monitors and cables are working like before on her old rig which has the HD 5540 (I think) and that works fine.

All drivers are upto date and I am not totally lost. Can someone help me please as I am not actually very tech savey at all.
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  1. maybe the VGA to dvi adapter is bad
  2. For the monitor connected to the DVI port, are you using a VGA adapter?

    Also, for the monitor connected to the DVI port, is it set to the proper input source?
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