Gtx 650 or gtx 550

Hi im new on here and i was wonding if you could help me.

Im looking for a new graphics card not sure betwwen the gtx 650ti or gtx 550ti

My system is intel i7 2600

Moemory 8gb

Power supply 450w

Which would be better or is there anthoer card you would rec.

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  1. I would pick the GTX650ti.
    It is slightly stronger, and with 28nm construction, it stands to run cooler and therefore quieter than the gtx550ti.

    Do not anguish over the choice, just buy the best card your psu and wallet will allow.
    Modern 28nm cards(GTX6xx and amd 7xxx) are competitive on a price/performance basis.
    You will get fair value at any price point, and differences in performance will not be detectable to you.

    If you exclusively play only one game, then check benchmarks for that game.
    You may find that either amd or nvidia plays better.

    Otherwise, if you play many games, ignore the benchmarks.
  2. Thanks ill go for the gtx 650ti but would this be a good card for new games?
  3. oneill25phil said:
    Thanks ill go for the gtx 650ti but would this be a good card for new games?

    Who knows? All you can do is see how well it meets your needs/wants using current games.

    Game developers want the largest possible audience for their games, and will not lightly develop a game that really needs
    expensive top of the line graphics cards to run.
  4. if you can afford a GTX 650 Ti then you can afford a HD 7850 1GB which would do circles around both of those cards. :)

    Edit: in my opinion the GTX 650 Ti and 550 Ti are horrible cards
  5. This GPU is teh way to go:

    650ti is pretty good for new games in smaller than 1900x1080 resolutions, but 7850 for slightly more dollars is way better and can handle most games fluently on 1080p res.
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