I built a computer a month ago and have not been able to get this thing working. I am an experienced PC builder and have a higher than average tech experience level but I cannot figure this thing out for the life of me. Here are my specs:

MOBO: Gigabyte GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3 rev 1.3
(Bios: F12)
CPU: Intel Core i7 2600k 3.4ghz
RAM: Patriot Viper Series 2x4gb 1600MHz PV38G160C9K
SSD: Kingston SSDnow 120GB
PSU: OCz 550W

I have so far replaced the motherboard, when that didn't resolve the issue I replaced the RAM which still didn't resolve the issue either. I have tested the PSU, testing the CPU with prime95 which passed, tested the RAM with memtest which passed, I took the SSD out and installed windows on the HDD and got the same problems so I took out the hdd and tested it with seatools both short dst and long generic and passed. The windows 7 disc I am using has been used several times to install windows 7 on other computers since this build first started so the disc is not the problem. The disc drive came out of a working computer. SATA cables have been replaced since the mobo replacement.

Now onto the list of problems.

1st build (before parts replacement): During windows installation right before the step that loads the desktop I get an interactive logon process failure message. I installed the drivers and started installing updates. Started getting update failures so I went into event viewer and saw bugcheck errors, ntfs errors and some others so I tried testing the RAM with memtest which failed. I went into the BIOS and enabled XMP profile 1 and retested the RAM which passed. Reinstalled windows and got the same exact problems and some random blue screens. I tried various troubleshooting things which didn't work so I RMA's the motherboard.

2nd build with mobo replacement: First time trying to boot the computer just restarted over and over. I pulled one RAM stick out and restarted and it booted up. Turned XMP profile 1 on again and put the other stick in and it booted up fine. Started installing windows again and got the same exact problems as before. I decided to replace the RAM since everything else tested fine and its unlikely the replacement mobo would produce the same problems.

3rd Build (after ram replacement): First time trying to boot up I get a checksum error right away. Then I got an error "The system has experienced boot failures because of overclocking or changes in voltage" Voltage, memory timings and memory speed is all set to manufacturers specifications so I continued to reinstall windows. Started installing updates and got a blue screen error but it restarted before I could read it. Went into event viewer and saw the same list of errors as before. Went through all the same testing and everything passes. I am going to try lowering the RAM speed to see if that resolves the issue but other than that I am completely clueless at this point.

Some of the blue screen errors I got before this last windows install that I can remember were:

memory management something or other

Can someone please help me here? I have had this computer for a month and haven't been able to use it at all.
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  1. Just ran the computer through a torture test and it passed but it shut down unexpectedly sometime after a couple of passes.
  2. do you have a different psu to try....a faulty psu can cause a whole myriad of issues....
  3. I don't but I have a psu tester which passes with every single connector. I can see if I can borrow one from someone but I'd think if it passes its probably not the issue
  4. ragebkd said:
    I don't but I have a psu tester which passes with every single connector. I can see if I can borrow one from someone but I'd think if it passes its probably not the issue

    a PSU tester DOES NOT load the PSU. It just takes a basic voltage reading. It could easily still be bad
  5. I understand that but it came out of a working computer with a higher load and was working 3 weeks before I put it in this build so I'm leaning towards something else. Ill see if I can find one to borrow to test. Any other thoughts? Ill try anything at this point
  6. Okay, So I've set the RAM speed to 1333mhz and the system runs almost completely stable now. I have played games on it for several hours, it completely updated with no failures, no more errors in event viewer; HOWEVER it did have one random reboot when I restarted it one time before it even got through the bios post screen. This seems indicative of a RAM or MOBO problem correct? The problem is I have no clue which one since I have had both replaced and I assume even tho the memory specifications from the manufacturer is at 1600Mhz that either the motherboard is having problems passing information at that speed or the RAM is having problems processing information at that speed. Any ideas?
  7. Sounds like a RAM issue to me. Test it with just one stick or replace the RAM again. Although it'd be pretty weird for you to get two bad sets of RAM.
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