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Just finished a new build and need to get a decent graphics card for gaming. I currently play Star Wars the Old Republic and want to get FF:A Realm Reborn after the new year. I also may want to try Guild Wars 2. I have a 27” Samsung Monitor and like to run things in 1920X1080 at the least and would like to run these games in High settings, and would love to get into ultra with a decent frame rate if possible. I’d like to get a GPU for under $300 if possible.
I5-3570K, Asus P8Z77-V Pro, RAM: 2X4GB Patriot Viper 3, 1600mhz, SSD: SS 830 128 GB, HDD:WD 500GB, Antec TP 750W. W/ 6 Case fans.
I am new to graphics cards but know most of the basics, but don’t understand the hierarchy of AMD and Nvidia cards. For example, I know a 560 ti is a pretty good card, but don’t understand how the 650 is considered a low end.
From what I’ve read, I’m considering the Nvidia 660(non-ti) and the AMD 6950 or 7850.

Please drop some knowledge on me. A hierarchy of the cards and how they work would be great, and any personal views between choosing between Nvidia and AMD card. Also, links with benchmarking between 6000&7000 series as well as 500&600 series would be great to help me choose.

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  2. I would go with the 7870 or the 660gtx. They cost the same right now. It all depends on which games you are going to play. Read up on some benchmarks for the games you like and see which one is faster.
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