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My CPU is an old E5400 2.7GHZ. I bought a 7850 XFX Core Edition and it coil whined really bad. I asked for a refund instead of a replacement. I rarely game on my desktop since I mainly play console games. I have a 9600gt 1GB card in my system right now. I bought the 7850 because it was cheap. Should I ask for a replacement or get a card that won't bottleneck my system too bad. Honestly, I couldn't notice the bottleneck in my computer with the 7850 since I don't hardly game at all. If the 7850 is not an option should I look for a 7770, 650, or a 650ti. My price range is below $140. Also, my power supply is an XFX 450W Core Edition that didn't have any trouble handling the 7850 that only had one 6pin connector.
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  1. Even 7770 will bottleneck on your cpu. I say keep that 7850 and oc your cpu. Until you buy an i5 cpu keep your current system. Make fund for system upgrade.
  2. Just FYI

    i5 2500K = 200% of the price of Phenom II x4 965 BE
    i5 2500K = 25% better than the Phenom II x4 965 BE

    At least, in the UK, the 965 can be found from £70-£80, and the i5 for no less than £163 (checked the other day).
  3. 965 will work good with oc i hope, but cant beat a i5
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