Computer boots with video card removed, does not boot if it is seated

I've had an issue with my desktop where it would stop completeing restarts. It would power down to its idle state, and then never reboot. If I powered the computer off with the power button, waited a few seconds, and hit the utton again it would power up. Until yesterday. Now it won't boot. With the side panel off, I can see that the mobo light is on, both fans operate. I removed the ram cards and got 3 slow beeps, then reseated all the ram. HDD spins. Then I noticed the fan not spinning on my video card (nvidia 8500gt that came installed). I removed the card, cleaned out the sink, and noticed a crack in the hub of the fan, but the fan still spins ok manually. While I had the video card out, I plugged in my power cord and turned on the computer and it sounded like a full boot (spinning and some crackle from the hdd, fan alternated speed a couple times). Ofcourse I couldn't see anything on my monitor as it was unplugged (my only video connection is the video card). So I depowered the computer and reseated the video card. When I turned the computer back on, it wouldn't boot. Is my video card blown and not allowing the computer to fully boot and load? Or is my psu not giving enough power when the video card is plugged in?
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  1. try another vga
  2. power supply/mobo slot/video card........... ??? pick one.

    try another power supply.
    plug video card in another slot ?
    try card in another machine ?
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