Asus gtx660ti and Asrock z77 extreme 4

Hi Guys

I bought a brand new asus gtx 660ti top card and put it in my mobo,connect everything and booted up.

The fans didnt spin,monitor no signal.(tried every possible thing no success,the card was not detected whatsoever) :(

When i gave the card the card to asus service centre the fans spun just when the service guy switched on :pt1cable:

but still the card had issues it didnt give signals. The asus guys declared the card DOA (dead on arrival) So a new card is coming.

My question : Why in the hell the fans didn't spin in my system, when the new card comes how to get it working.

(This time i will test in the sevice center then carry it to my home)

System specs

i5 3570k
Asrock Z77 extreme 4 Bios 2.0
Corsair HX 650
Benq GL2450
8 Gb RAM
Mechanical Drive

Friends i put a lot of my hard earned money into this.

Kindly dont tell me i have to buy a new mobo. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

This poor soul wants to Play BF3. :cry:
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  1. If it was already a defective card, it's entirely possible that something got jarred back into place when it was shipped back.
  2. i dont know that may have happened, any ways i will be getting the card today.hope the new one works well.

    i searched on google, asrock z77 boards have some issues with video cards detection and stuff.
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