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I may be posting in the wrong area. But anyone else ever have problems with Newegg? For real, I go to order a tablet for Christmas for her. They will not accept my paypal because the confirmed address is a PO Box. They will not accept my debit card, which has more than enough money on it. I call their customer service line, they can't even take debit card or check over phone. I finally got irritated and went to best buy and bought one. Paid 40 bucks more, but it was worth not dealing with newegg. I mean I'm trying to give them money and can't get them to take my payment. Think I'm sticking to Microcenter. Anyone else have those troubles with newegg?
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  1. The only issue I've ever run into using a debit card with Newegg was when the total order amount exceeded the limit my bank placed on my card (fraud safety measure). Usually, a quick call to the bank to temporarily remove the limit resolves the issue.

    -Wolf sends
  2. My card is like a Shazam card, I had to have a security code for some reason, not the 3 digit one, but another one after, and it'd been so long since I ordered off newegg I didn't remember. But most companies can at least take info on phone. Oh well.
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