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My HD6870 is molesting my happy-time on battlenet.
When i load the drivers, i can only reach the login screen on windows 7, and even there i get big horizontal lines, if i continue from there, the screen just goes black, and as far as i know, it just freezes there.
I can boot in safe-mode, and roll-back(uninstall?) the drivers from device manager, and then i can boot "normally"
I have completely reinstalled windows 7, and only installed the newest drivers from AMD, and still i get lines and crashes.

I am wondering why the card can work without drivers, and only mess up my life when the drivers are installed?
Is that because my computer is rerouting the onboard graphic signal to go through the installed graphic card?
I am using the onboard GPU now...GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3.

...Is there any hope? or is this how graphic cards die?
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  1. Its using a windows driver which won't work well for games. Try using an older version of AMD's drivers. Its most likely a driver issue, but your graphics card may be on the fritz.
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