DirectCU II - 7970 vs 7950 question (again) on specific OC

Hi I have currently found a Asus 7970 DirectCU II on offer, which make it only about 80 more than a 7950 Direct CU II Top.

Compare to usual 160 difference in price.

However this is only on the 7970 DirectCU II non top version which has voltage locked.

Therefore, the question is, should I still go for the 7970 or stay with the 7950 with max OC

The 7970 seems to be running 1100-1175mhz max at OC if lucky.

And 7950 doesn't have any voltage locked and also cheaper.

These cards are running in 2 way crossfire btw.

Which one would you recommend me to go for?
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  1. what resolution is your monitor
  2. It is triple 1080p eyefinity
  3. Offer might end soon, anyone?
  4. I'd go for the 7950 Direct CU II Top
  5. Heard the sapphire oc twin fans is so quiet too.

    Anyways does anyone know if I can trifire the Asus directcu 2 , 3 slots card on a rampage 4 extreme?
  6. No, three of those cards will not fit in any motherboard. I would go for a two slot card, like the one from Sapphire, especially if you want three cards (although there is diminishing returns and I don't really recommend wasting the money). Two cards should perform just fine.
  7. I guessed I will get the direct cu ii top 7950 then :)
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