Case fan cables

My case's fans have male 3-pin power connectors that look like this...

I'm unable to find a place on the motherboard to plug them into. All the plug-ins on the motherboard are also male. Any help is appreciated.
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  1. Are you certain the connectors on the fans are male? Every fan I've seen has either female 3-pin, female 4-pin (PWM fans), or male 4-pin molex (hard drive/CD/DVD drive power) connectors.

    What is the specific model of the fans?

  2. Don't know the fan model. They came on the NZXT Phantom case. I assumed the connectors were male because they have pins instead of sockets. They look like these two on the left.
  3. Is it possible you are confusing those connectors for the ones attached to the built-in fan controller in your case? The fan controller would use male connectors.

  4. Ah. I was! Thanks. It's good now :D
  5. Glad I could help.

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