Whats the difference between a GTX 660ti and a GTX 670

I've been looking to upgrade my graphics card. Currently i have a GTX 550ti and a i5-3570k processor. I've narrowed down my searches to two cards.

http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814130812 and

The only difference I can spot is that the 660ti has 3gb of memory and that the GTX 670 had a greater memory interface. Does that matter? The price is only 40 bucks apart so I dont mind getting the GTX670 but I'm only going to get it if it has a better performance than the GTX 660ti. What do you guys think? Get the GTX 660ti or the GTX 670?
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  1. The GTX 660 Ti uses the same GK104 chip as the GeForce GTX 670. It also has its memory interface cut back from 256 to 192 bits. One of its four render back-end clusters is also disabled. Otherwise they are the same. You will get better performance from a 670 but like you said it does cost 40 bucks more. There will always be one that just a bit faster and a bit more expensive. I would go with the 670 if I were choosing for myself.
  2. Personally, I'd go with the GTX 670.

    Yes, the 660ti gets a pretty big hit from the lack of memory bandwidth (It can't even use all 3gigs of that VRAM effectively.)

    There's about a 10% difference between the two cards - I'd spend the extra 40 bucks. (Keep in mind though, those two cards BOTH use reference coolers. I'd go with the EVGA 670 signature 2.)
  3. If you plan on using multiple monitors or anything over 1080 go with the 670, however if your using a single monitor the 660ti will be fine. I have the MSI 660ti PE and it works great for all my games, BF3, Skyrim with a ton of graphic mods, sleeping dogs.
  4. If you want to get the 660ti, get the 2gb, not the 3gb (unless you actually need 3gb vram). Getting that much vram is usually meant for people running 3 monitors in surround mode. The 670 actually has a noticeable performance increase over the 660ti. If performance is your first priority, then get the 670. If you wanna save some money, the 660ti will be able to near max on all games on a 1920x1080.
  5. The EVGA SC's had a recall

    Hardware.Info uses AvP High 4AA, Batman AC Very High 4AA, BF3 Ultra High 4AA, Crysis 2 Ultra High Edge AA, Dirt 3 Ultra 4AA, Hard Reset Ultra 4AA, Metro 2033 Very High, Skyrim High 4AA and Shogun 2 Ultra 4AA in their test suite

    660 Ti scored 566.0
    670 scored 650.2

    Techpowerup uses Alan Wake, AvP, Batman Arkham City, BF3, BattleForge, COD4, Civilization 5, Crysis. Crysis 2, Dirt 3, Dragon Age II, Hard Reset, Metro 2033, Stalker CoP, Starcraft 2, Shogun 2, Skyrim, WoW, Diablo II, Max Payne 3, Sniper Elite V2 in their suite

    660 Ti scored 1387.4
    670 scored 1475.2

    Here's some comparisons

    Asus 670 TOP - 10.0 rating

    Gigabyte Windforce SC 670 - 9.8 rating

    MSI Twin Frozr IV 670 - 9.7 rating

    Palit Jetsteram 670 - 9.7 rating

    Zotac AMP 670 - 9.6 rating

    EVGA SC Boost Clock is 1046 outta the box....stable at 1200 Mhz
    EVGA SC gets 3DMark Score of 8691 outta the box and 9443 OC'd
    Idle temp is 29C / load temp is 78C
    Noise is 37 dBA Idle / 43 dBA under load

    Asus TOP Boost Clock is 1137 outta the box .... stable at 1280 Mhz
    Asus gets 3DMark Score of 9340 outta the box and 9839 OC'd
    Idle temp is 30C / load temp is 72C
    Noise is 37 dBA Idle / 38 dBA under load

    That makes the Asus 7% faster outta the box than the EVGA SC, 6C cooler and almost 1/4 as loud under load (every 3 dBA is a doubling of sound level). The FTW is slightly faster than the SC, leaving the Asus model w/ just a 5% performance advantage
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