Best gpu to pair with Phenom I X4 9650

My brother in law is currently selling his old pc and my friend is interested is buying it for playing bf3, but the 9800gt with 512mb vram wont really cut it for bf3 lol so whats the best gpu to pair with this first gen Phenom x4? I know the x4 is low end and wont be great for bf3 but it meets requirements and friend wont care to play on lower settings. My first option for the price would be the 7770 as i know it'll play high preset, its just how bad will the cpu effect the 7770? or try something lower?
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  1. I would go for a 6670 that is a very old cpu
  2. The worse that can happen when you buy a GPU that is bottlenecked by the CPU, is that the card won't operate at it's full potential. When the CPU upgrade happens, though, the GPU gets a performance boost (In comparison to when the CPU was throttling the card.)

    Depends on how much you want to spend. The 6670 DDR3 can do 1024X768 with no AA fine, and it costs £50-£55. The GDDR5 model costs £65, but performs 20% better.

    Though, if you can, scout around for a 6850. They can be had for £85 sometimes, and perform more than twice as well than the ddr3 6670.
  3. right now it seems that the 9800gt is a great match with the x4 as b4 with a athlon 5000+ the performance was less and the x4 made gameplay better, so u think that the 7770 would b bottlenecked by the x4? a 7750, 6770, 450 gts? heard that a 6670 is similar to a 9800gt and prob only slightly better.
  4. You can try it and see
  5. im not just gonna buy a gpu then not have it perform for what i paid. forgot i put my gpu in that list which i guess i can try.
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    ^ Try your 6670 in the rig see if it bottlenecks if it doesn't then go ahead and get the 7770
  7. Its a 6770 and right now costs $80, and is better than a 6670, but below the 7770.
  8. Cool did you try it ?
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