GTX 670 SLI crashing/not detecting one card

Hi there guys,

I have just acquired a pair of Asus GTX 670 Direct CU II cards and put them into SLI. But I am getting intermitt crashes (not blue scrren - just a sudden restart and sometimes a RED screen and then when it boots the PC sees only 1 one card. Then I restart the PC and SLI is back until it crashes again. I am watercooling them and Ive checked the temps - they are fine. I have run Furmark for over two hours stressing the cards and all was good. Crashing can be in long or short intervals. I have upgraded from a AMD 6990 which I had no issues with.

I have uninstalled all monitoring software/reinstalled drivers (using driver sweeper)swapped SLI link cable/cards run fine on their own.
Just this morning I thought it was fixed - left Dishonored on for a few hours only to come back to a desktop screen - game was still running in the background - clicked on the game and it was still running fine but 1 card had disappeared from the system and it was just using the one card. Checked Nvidia Software and no SLI - rebooted and back to SLI.

Any suggestions?? Im thinking of possibly reinstalling windows and see how that goes otherwise Im thinking power supply. Its about 3-4 years old - didnt have any issues running a 6990 but you never know could be on its way out.

My specs:

Intel 3930K
Asus Rampage IV formula
16GB G Skill F3-17000CL9
Soundblaster Titanium HD Sound Card
Corsair HX 1000W
6 other SATA physical drives

Running Windows 7 64
Latest Nvidia drivers 306.97

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  1. AMD drivers have a habit of not completely disappearing when uninstalling them. Although it may not be them, there have been issues with the TOP version of your cards boosting too high, and creating issues (Which might explain your red screen of death). Heres a link to properly uninstall AMD drivers, which might help :D
  2. Thanks guys for your replies. I have tried it without the sound card - didn't help. I have just removed the AMD drivers using the link that JJ1217 posted - didnt realise there was so much AMD/ATI stuff leftover. Reinstalled NVIDIA drivers again after a full clean and just testing it now.... see how it goes.

    Thanks for your suggestions...
  3. Great hope that works also i try to edit my reply and deleted it by accident lol what a dummy i am sometimes oh well at least you had a chance to read it
  4. Yeah - I did read it. Cheers...

    Also the version of ASUS Direct CUII that I have isnt the TOP - I did hear they have issues but I guess that didnt help me much..
  5. Ran a game in Sli for about 15min then crashed - black screen/reboot. Then as usual just 1 card is showing in device manager. Shutdown and reboot and the card is back again. Ok, will try reinstalling windows on another drive...
  6. Yeah try that if it doesn't work do you think it's possible your psu is the issue? Because power supplies do degrade over time.
  7. Ok - reinstalled windows with just the necessary drivers needed and ran Borderlands 2(the crashes were not isolated to one game either - was any game). Although I cant say I have tested it extensively, it has lasted longer than any previous attempts. Hopefully this is it. Anyway I will test it properly when I get some more time. If previous Windows was the culprit I wonder what it was??? Will update once I test it more...
  8. Ha - just as pressed send it crashed/reboot. "windows has recovered from a unexpected shutdown". And only one GTX 670 card can be seen in device manager. Hmmmmm....might test the cards one by one extensively and see what happens. Suspect maybe that card that always doesnt show up after a crash may be faulty. Dont have access to a power supply that I borrow and I dont really want to fork out for one if that aint it. Anyway it aint windows - card or psu...
  9. Hmmm... well that sucks keep us updated i am going to ask my friend if hes had this issue as he has same build as you well almost he has Intel 3930K,Asus Rampage IV formula,16GB G Skill and custom loop will post back tonight
  10. Yeah - proved that one of the cards is faulty. RMA tomorrow. Hopefully it wont take it too long...
  11. Cool i forgot all about this sorry bro been a crazy busy week
  12. No prob. Just took back and they gave me a replacement on the spot. Pretty happy with that.
  13. Great news glad you figured it out i half to admit i was scratching my head thinking wtf could be wrong lol P.S. What's your overclock
  14. Installed the card today and all good. Installed it without the waterblock on, just stock to test it. Was interesting to see the temp difference. Water was 25C cooler than stock. Haven't got it overclocked yet~ just happy everything is stable again. What is your overclock?? Is there much headroom on these cards??
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