Which Build Is Better ? help :o3

I have two build ideas , which one is better :

Build 1 : $1,563.00

Build 2 :$1,543.56

I prefer myself the first one , but which one is more balanced , which one has more power , etc . thx :D
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  1. they are both uselessly overkill. this is better
  2. yhea , just wait for Star Citizen , a gtx680 won't max that .

    -I asked which one is more balanced and which one is better , performance wise
  3. they both are not good. just ask people like bigcyco1 or g-unit1111
  4. EPIC overkill this is gona be much faster much! and cheaper

  5. nuh , i mean its like for futureproofing (yhea i know this isn't so valid ) . But i'm gonna use the better parts in it to upgrade to 2011 , then pull all of it apart to make one secondary build also :\
  6. pick my build its faster than your if you want LGA 2011 say im gona put one!
  7. explain to me why they are not good .
  8. explain to me what means explain to me why they are not good who they?
  9. there is no point of a 2011 chip if you are not rendering work for more than 6hrs a day. x79 is meant for work or extreme high end gaming (although it doesnt perform any better than a i5 in games

    2011 is not good for games because

    -6 cores are meaningless in games
    -its more expensive for the same performance
    -performs less than a i5 in games
    -uses more power

    lagerLV's build

    -i7s are also useless in games
    -the formula board is hopelessly overkill. doubt he has a VERY good headset
    -fisher price watercooling is not watercooling
    -ok on the ram but not useful if you ask me
    -corsair SSDs are not any better than any other sandforce with toggle flash drives
    -7870 is not top end gaming although it is the best bang for the buck
    -half xm is way better
  10. actually have razer orca :D , and i'm positive on the fisher price watercooling , i'm going with the formula +2x8gb red vengeance (1866) . haf X is my favourite case .
  11. 1600mhz memory performs the same

    get a haf xm then
  12. http://pcpartpicker.com/p/rXOe
    Updated the build . If you have any objections , explain them please !
  13. ( i havent found the corsair 760i so i put one with the same price just to see the overall price, i still want the 760i)
  14. -maximus v formula is useless unless you have a good 100+ dollar headset
    -fast ram is useless
    -more ram is useless for your situation
    -ram wont fit
    -samsung 830 256gb is a better option for the SSD
    -cheaper 670s
    -haf x is a waste of space
    -no point of a 760i. no advantages of using it whatsoever. you are going to use all the wires attached to the power supply anyways for this build

    get this instead

    -note: this ram overclocks like mad
  15. -i have a good headset
    -what do you mean by RAM wont fit ?
    -the samsung 256gb is too expensive
    -the gigabyte 670 is the the best power /price
    -I LIKE THE HAF X so much :D
    -that ram is ugly :(

    i think ill go with http://pcpartpicker.com/p/rXOe
  16. -good headset is something from sennihiser or astro. others are not worth driving. another one is steelseries 7h
    -heatsinks on vengeance ram are the size of combs. will NEVER fit under the D14 cooler
    -saying the SSD is expensive is total bs. you can get a gigabyte z77x-up4 th which has better overclocking and thunderbolt and it would be a 100 dollars cheaper and would perform the same. you can totally afford it
    -the haf xm is the same. just smaller and better built
    -you wont see anything under the D14.
  17. ok i can go up to 1600$ , so why not profit ?
  18. there is no performance gains whatsoever. that is the whole point.
  19. if you want game ok i got you new system hope you like!I guess you sayed you not go with SLi or crossfire and nt OC!Ok im picking system

    http://pcpartpicker.com/p/s86f great system

    has sapphire radeon hd 7970 with free 3 games hell yeah!

    i5 fully enough for games and great board for buck!

    and little cooler for a bit lesser temps as you know intel stock cooler sucks
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