HIS Radeon 5770 - Showing red LED when PC is turned on

I got a new SSD which i decided to put into my PC and found that there was a red led coming onto my graphics card (http://www.hisdigital.com/un/product2-536.shtml) so i took it out so i only had my old HDD plugged in. Still, when i turn my PC on, it loads up past the POST screen, fan going absolutely mental at its fastest and then the red led comes on, and no video shows, but the fan is still running.

I have taken it out the PCI-E slot and cleaned any dust from the fan with an air can but to no avail. I have even removed the RAM and placed it back in.

I can provide more information if required.

Edit: i am not using a molex adaptor
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  1. What are your system specifications?
  2. This is off the top of my head so it won't be in detail
    MSI 770-C45 Motherboard
    AMD 3.2ghz X4 Phenom Black Quad core processor + Arctic cooler fan/heatsink
    HIS HD Radeon 5770 1gb graphics card
    550W PSU w/ in/out fans
    320gb WD HDD
    60gb SSD (not in yet)
    Back and front case fans
  3. Are you able to try the card in another computer?
  4. Unfortunately not, no. Also the fan starts off at normal speed, but when the screen gets onto the "AMD mobo" screen, the fan rapidly speeds up to maximum and the red light appears. The red light is D40000 i been reading around and said its been caused by over heating, and suggestions about editing bios, but i can't get into it as the computer won't stay on.
  5. Darn. And your board doesnt have onboard graphics either.

    This is a tough one. It could be the board or the card, but I have no idea which.
  6. Well, everything else seems to run fine, at one point the red light didn't come on, (once out of like 100 tries) and everything ran flawlessly until i thought "ah this all works now, better plug in my ssd" and then it went kaput again. I tried booting without any hard drive so it would say "insert boot disk" but still the same problem. I am going to try powering it through a molex adaptor in a few days when im home. But i can't understand what i've done wrong. could i just need to put thermal paste on the heatsink?
  7. UPDATE: By mistake when trying to remove it from the PCI-e slot and put it back in, i forgot to put the 6 pin power cable back in, my computer made different beeps, but no red light on the graphics card, but the fan was still spinning BUT AT NORMAL SPEEDS. Obviously my computer didn't work, but i want to know why the fan speed was normal and no red light
  8. Have you ever tried using other PSU ?
  9. Nope, but it only came about when i started fiddling with a sata cable. I have an old 400w psu back home (im at university) but everythign else seems to power fine, all cpu lights on
  10. It thinks its overheated so it shuts itself down with the fan still turning
  11. If there is no light, does it display anything?
  12. No display after the mobo screen, and a red led on the card. The fan spins VERY fast. As soon as the red light comes on, the screen goes blank
  13. yonibz said:
    No display after the mobo screen, and a red led on the card. The fan spins VERY fast. As soon as the red light comes on, the screen goes blank

    The red light on that card is the overheating warning, means your card is probably overheating and shutting down. Mine just started this because the cooling fan went tits up.
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