Computer shutsdown unless power led cord removed

Hey Everyone,
Im building a computer for my mother-in-law and I am running into a really strange problem. I have built my own computer before but I am kind of a Noob when it comes to this thing so please excuse the noobness.

Anyways the problem is that I put the computer together and when i powered it on the fan's and everything powered on and then after about 3-4 seconds everything powered down. When I turned the power on/off the same thing would happen. Of course I assumed it was a faulty PSU because I unpluged and replugged everything back in to no avail.

After a short while I found a way to turn it on but it is not really effective. If i plug in the the Power LED cable from the case to the motherboard the system turns on but if I remove it before it shuts itself on the computer will stay on. I was able to load Windows 8 and install a bunch of software well it was on like this. If I plug the Power LED cable back in when the computer is running the computer will shut off.

I'm not sure what exactly the issue is but I no longer suspect the PSU I'm thinking either its a motherboard issue, or a idiot builder issue.

System Specs:
Case: Velocity IW-Z583 Micro ATX Mini Tower, Black w/ 400W Power Supply
Core™ i5-2400 Processor, 3.10GHz w/ 6MB Cache
500GB Barracuda 7200rpm SATA III w/ 16MB Cache
P8B75-M LE w/ DDR3, 7.1 Audio, Gigabit Lan
Kingstong ValueRAM 8GB DDR3-1333MHz CL9 Dual Channel Kit (2 x 4GB)

Any help would be greatly appreciaed
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  1. Just an FYI The Power LED Cord is the Cord that comes from the case, There is four cards connected together a 3 pin Power LED Cord a 2 Pin Power LED Cord, a 2 Pin HDD LED Cord and a 2 pin Power SW cord.

    The one I'm referring to is the 3 pin Power LED Cord
  2. That MB has a 2 pin PWLED connector. You don't need to connect both the 2 and 3 PWLED cables. If you have the MB manual, look at 1-28
  3. i didn't know that, at first i tried connecting everything but it didnt work... now the computer will only turn on if I plug the 3 pin power LED cable in and then take it out right after the computer turns on.
  4. Also why would the Power LED Cord effect whether the system starts up or not? isn't it just to light the pretty lights on the front of the casing?
  5. The PWRLED lights up when the system powers up and blinks in Sleep Mode. Is it possible that you have the PWRLED cable connected to the PWRBTN connector (The top two right pins? Also, if your cables have printing on them (i.e. HLED) make sure the printed side is facing the ouside edge of the MB.
  6. Thank you for your help cmichael138. You stray my in the right direction to fixing my problem. Turns out the confusion of having a 2 pin AND a 3 pin Power LED cable confused me as to which slots to put them in. I was putting the Power Switch into the POWER Led and Vice Versa, I made the mistake when trying to remedy the problem of just assuming the computer turned on when i switched the Power Supply on and I didn't actually press the power button to power it up.

    I'm still completely perplexed how I was able to start it in the first place.
  7. Glad to hear you have it working. I think the front panel connectors were the most difficult part of my 1st build.

    Good luck!
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