My first build but still need help :)

so i would like to have a nice fast gaming pc , and since i'm a big fan of asus here is what i have in mind :

GPU : Asus gtx 680 Direct cU ll Top Edition 1201MHZ 2gb GddR5 ...going to use just one Gpu

CPU : intel i7 - 3820 Quad Core 3.6 Ghz 10 mb cache LGA 2011
CPU Cooler : H 100

Mb : Asus P9x79 ... here is one of questions ? shoud i go with the ( Deluxe or Pro ) ??

Memory : Vengeance 16GB (2x8GB) DDr3 1600MHz

HD : Western D Caviar Black 1 Tb Sata lll 7200 RPM 64 MB cache

PS : Corsair HX 1050 Silver ... here another questions Do i really need that much power ??

All that going into NZXT ATX Full Tower - Phantom

So my main concern is the motherbord since i need one that can hold the Gtx Top Ed 680 with I7 3820 and 16 or maybe more than 16 GB of Ram

just let me know what you guys think and if u have any other idea that will be great . and thank you all so much
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  1. jsut want to know if my pc parts are compaitable ?
    and which mb should i get Asus P9x79 Deluxe or P9x79 Pro ?
    and is my power supply good enough or its too much for what i need ?
    i need just a little help pleas !!
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