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Is my PSU powerful enough?

Last response: in Systems
December 9, 2012 12:39:47 AM

Hi, this is my first post so i apologize if i do anything wrong. I just finished building my first computer. I have a OCZ 650w PSU Im slighty worried my PSU is not up to the job and i am just asking for your opinions. I have done these online test things but out of the 3 i did, they all came up with different results.

Sapphire 7870 2GB OC Edition (Stock)
AMD Phenom II 965 BE @ 3.9 GHZ
4GB Ram
1 Optical drive
1 Hdd
5 80mm fans inc Cpu

Im only asking because sometimes games crash and it says something about ATI software crashing and it has recovered. Sorry for being vague
Many Thanks

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December 9, 2012 1:15:32 AM

A system with an HD 7870 only needs a recommended 500 watt power supply so you are fine there.

Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling the AMD drivers?
December 9, 2012 8:54:26 AM

Thanks for the quick reply! I have tried re-installing the driver and it did the same thing. I'm wondering if it is something to do with my CPU being OC . Could i be correct?
Many Thanks
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December 9, 2012 4:29:36 PM

It could be that. It could also be a temperature issue. What CPU cooler are you using? I can't think anything with an 80mm fan is very good and you need to keep Phenom II chips below 62C.

How often does it crash and under what circumstances? Is it only the games that crash or is it the whole computer? Does it go to a bluescreen?

What are your CPU and GPU temps both at idle and under load? You can use HWMonitor to tell you.

Has the computer always crashed or is it something that just started happening?
December 9, 2012 4:42:35 PM

I just reread your post and it's a new build? What RAM do you have? Bad RAM can cause all kinds of problems and RAM usually either works forever or is bad out of the box so it usually shows up as a problem early.

Download memtest. You will need to download the iso file and burn it to a CD. Then go in BIOS and make the CD drive number one in boot order so the computer boots off the burned CD. Then run memtest for about 8 hours for 4GB. Any errors at all mean you have a bad stick. You can then isolate the problem by running the program with each stick individually.

If you need a program to mount the iso file to a disk and don't have Nero or a burning suite this is a great free program.
December 9, 2012 9:49:59 PM

I found the issue, it was my CPU. I lowered the clock speed to 3.6Ghz after reading that if i run it over 3.7Ghz Issues occur on stock cooler. Its runs a heck of a lot cooler and i have had no issues what so ever. But my plan is to get a better cooler as i'm averaging 58+ Degrees under load.
Considering its was my first build and i'm only 15 it went surprisingly well!
Thanks again, its a great community on here. I appreciate all your help.
Thanks Again
December 9, 2012 10:23:58 PM

Never overclock with stock cooling. You can and will either outright destroy or majorly reduce the lifespan of your CPU. Especially with AMD chips that have to remain as cool as possible. I hope you did not damage your computer.

Anyway lesson learned. Drop back to stock untll you get aftermarket cooling.