Easy Transfer? not so much, need help to get files back.

Hello, My Vista(64) OS recently went awry so since I had the Win7(64) upgrade disk I decided to just go ahead and upgrade. Unfortunately after 75% install it decided to tell me there wasn't' enough space on the Hdd(sata) to complete install - Neither OS would work at all even from the install disks. Restore, Repair no longer available.

Long story short I bought a new Hdd(sata) and installed win 7 OK. Now of course I'd like to get all my old programs from the old drive onto the new drive [ or I wouldn't mind leaving them on the old drive if they'd work somehow ] without reinstalling everything. But I've been reading that Easy Transfer won't accomplish that- won't bring over the registry info, etc. - and perhaps there is no way to accomplish that?? I've also read posts that claim that some other software could accomplish this but they are rarely confirmed by successful users. If anyone could guide me I would be grateful.

I have tried to start the Easy Transfer but at first it didn't seem to work at all [ Since the old drive has no functioning OS that seemed to be a dead end. But I now have it in the same Pc where the new drive is c:\ and the old drive is partitions e:\ & f:\ ]. I thought that would be the easiest thing Microsoft could have programed ET for - but no. So I treated it like an external drive in ET and it finally got somewhere and evaluated e & f and created saved the transfer files, but it won't allow me to use c:\ as the destination. So I am planning to use my system's esata port which I assume it will think is an external drive using an esata-sata cable. For the "external" drives power I plan to position it next to another desktop PC I have and use one of its sata power connectors. Any big problems with that? ? Then hopefully I can finish the ET process and use the c:\ drive in the offending PC. Think it will work ?

Might as well ask the next related question here... If I can get my partitioning software working again, I could give my old Hdd c:\ partition much more space. Any way to reinstall an Os without losing everything? I've read about reinstalling Vista over vista - would that work with my Win 7 upgrade disk? Confused about how many install attempts I get with that. As you can tell I don't want to lose the programs on there, and I have to pay for them over and over as I get a new PC, Hdd, etc.
Thanks Don
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  1. P.S I should also add a caveat re. my esata port: My system case has an external slot called "esata" my motherboard (MSI) has only 2 sata ports. There is a sata cable (red) connected to that esata female - originally it was not connected to anything but since I have now removed the old Hdd to make it external, I have connected that "esata" to sata2 . My old Hdd was originally connected to sata 1. When I got the new Hdd I attached it to sata 1 and moved the old Hdd to sata 2. These worked as described in my post above. Originally the DVD was connected to sata2 (orange sata cable) ; I purchased an IDE-sata adapter to get that reconnected.
    My question this caveat is: Since the esata really just plugs into a standard sata port should it really function like esata ( ie. external) or am I destined for another disappointment? I just ordered a esata-sata cable and a pci card w/ 2 sata ports.

    Thanks to those who are looking at my questions. Don
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