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I'm making a build for my dad, he wants a cheap computer. He won't be doing much, just surfing the internet and playing some very light games.
Is there anything that is bad in this build or something I should change.
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  1. Depending on what he considers 'light' gaming, everything looks fine. Don't forget the O/S.

    Some changes, it draws a bit more power, but it's more powerful and has a better gpu for less money.

    Or an amd apu build for much less :
  3. I like djangoringo's suggestion of going with an APU system better. If dad wants a bit more 'ooph' in his system, you could always up the APU to one of the A10s. Those quad cores come with an on-die GPU that can actually game.
  4. I would recommend getting the Intel build that djangoringo posted. It's only $30 more than the APU build he posted, but it performs much better.
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