680 SC+ w/ backplate

Hello fellow techie's,

I am going to upgrade my graphics card from a EVGA 470 GTX to a 680 SC+...

I have been looking at the 670 FTW but since I have the money to buy a 680 I figured I might as well do that, and have a better card theoretically.

My question is:

1.) Any other recommendations on 680's in the $450-$500 range
2.) Other than the 690, is their any better/more powerful card than the 680?
3.) What's the performance difference between 2048 MB and 4096MB, and is it mainly for setting up multiple monitors?

I want to make sure that if I am going to spend close to $500 on a video card I chose the right one.

Thanks everyone
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  1. Someone respond!! lol :D
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    1. Nope
    2. 7970 ghz edition in some some games.
    3. 4096GB will mostly effect multiple monitor set ups. Its slightly faster in some games with one screen.
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  4. thanks Mastro
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