Amd a10-5800 + amd hd 6670

Ok so I finally got the hybrid crossfire to work. Amd A10-5800k+AMD HD 6670. Weird thing is it shows up as 3 gpus under gpu-z when I only have 1 discrete and 1 apu. Under display adapters it shows 2 cards. 1. built in graphics from apu, 2.built in graphics +amd hd 6670. Does anyone know if this is what it's supposed to look like? I enabled dual graphics but never saw an crossfire option. Although it does say crossfired in gpu-z.

Also, I did a benchmark for performance in 3dmark and got a 2 something. I saw someone online post a 3 something. Something im doing wrong?

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  1. perhaps they had overclocked the card i know that you can det over 1ghz with the 7660d and around 950mhz with the 6670
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