HELP: Blinking Cursor in Windows 7, Cannot use F8!!!

My problem:
-Computer restarted itself while I was working (I believe I had a windows update installed, and it restarted by itself)
-Rebooting never gets past the Gateway logo.
-What I see: Blinking cursor, even AFTER pressing F8.

What I did:
I tried F8 (to get into system restore) but all I can do it so into F2 and F12. When I press and hold down F8, the computer beeps 3 times. After that, any key I press will beep.

My computer:
-I have a Gateway netbook laptop, running on 64-bit Windows 7
-I do not have a CD-ROM drive in my netbook

I do not know what to do.

Please help me, I would appreciate it very. very much!!!

Thank you,
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  1. bring it into a computer store and have them fix it as your computer is toast b/c of no CD/DVD drive in it or that is what i think anyways b/c most of the tools to use for where you are in the process of fixin it are on the disc which you most likely do not have and even if you found a way to "aquire" a recovery disc you have no drive to put it into. Thus the only other choice is to bring it into the computer store probably the one which you bought it from and get it repaired or replaced
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