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I am new to overclocking (never done it) and I have the AMD A10-5800K + AMD HD6670 dual combo with the ASUS F2A85-M motherboard. I would like to know how to overclock these and what would be safe voltages. I am running an H-80 closed loop cooler. I usually am running 10-15 celcius.
Step by step if you guys can.
Thank you
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  1. bump. anyone?
  2. hey i needed help also, but after playing with it for a few days i managed to overclock mines to 4.1 but every time i try to go higher its unstable

    i set the multiplier to x41 and the cpu voltage to like 1.32-1.36 find a good voltage and run tests

    im still trying to overclock my apu integrated gpu but it crashes everytime
  3. I'm hoping to find an answer to the iGPU side of the APU as well. I have an APU 6800K that when I try to up the iGPU it just crashes no matter what settings I use.

    As a response to ruizpect. My CPU side sits at 4.9 with a cpu voltage of 1.55 and runs stable through a full 3 hour prime 95 test under air cooling (cooler master Hyper evo 212 with a push/pull configuration). Best thing to do is just keep bumping your voltage up a notch at a time until it becomes stable. The higher the multiplier, the higher the voltage will need to be, 1.4-1.45 voltage will work for ranges 4.3 GHz to about 4.6GHZ, anything higher and your looking 1.5-1.55
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