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I have most of my computer assembled but I cannot find the FireWire cable to plug in the FireWire port or whatever. Most tutorials I watch show the cable labeled as the 1394 plug but I checked all my plugs and could not find it anywhere, is this wire with the ones that came with the case or is it separate?


Also, if you could can you post a picture of what the firewire cable looks like
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  2. First, motherboard doesn't have an onboard 1394 connector as far as I see from specs

    "1 x IR header
    1 x CIR header
    1 x COM port header
    1 x HDMI_SPDIF header
    1 x Power LED header
    CPU/Chassis/Power FAN connector
    24 pin ATX power connector
    8 pin 12V power connector"

    Secondly (Nice choice on case, same as mine). That case doesn't come with firewire on front panel. Have fun with the new rig.
  3. Oh ok thanks, was watching a tutorial and it said to plug in firewire cable and I was looking all over for it forever then i just gave up lol.
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