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I have a budget of 700 for the desktop i have put two options that add up to the same price

I live in australia and i wanted to know which. Build would be better for gaming i will be playing dota 2,league of legends and black ops 2
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Build 1
Processor-i5 3570k
Graphics card-7770 powercolor
Ram-8gb g skill ares
Psu-550 antec vp
Case-cm storm scout

Build 2
Processor-i3 3220
Graphics card-7850 sapphire oc v2
Ram-8gb g skill
Psu-550 antec vp
Case-coolermaster storm scout

For build 1 i will upgrade graphics card to 7850 later and for 2 ill upgrade to i5 3570k when i have enough money
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    Well you sacrafice performance for graphics or graphics for performance... since LoL and dota are CPU taxing slightly.. black ops 2 needs a decent gpu but not a high end cpu.. the I3 has hyper threading so maybe the two game support hyperthreading. If they do the i3 and 7850 gets my vote... if not the 7770 isn't much different from the 7850
  2. I would go for the second one.
  3. Ok thank you both
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  5. Glad we could help. If you ever have any computer or tech questions or comments.. Please feel free to express.
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