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Hi guys, I'm an occasional gamer. I play World of Warcraft but I've noticed with every expansion I just get laggier and I assumed is because my graphic card is terrible. But my pc is not that old so I rather upgrade the card at least a little instead of buying a whole new one. However, I have no clue how to choose a card so I'm hoping you guys will provide me with a link where I can just buy it.
My budget:$200 a little more if needed but I doubt such card exists for my pc lol.
Pc model: hp pavilion slimline s5310f
Here are the details:

Monitor resolution:1680 x 1050

I do not wish To upgrade my power supply. I just need a card that will improve my gaming experience a bit.
If there are extra cables or adapters that I need for the graphic card I'll appreciate if you mention it as well
Thank you so much.
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  1. Well sir, ah i'm not sure if 220Watts is capable of powering any of the graphics cards you need.. You must be running onboard graphics.. the best i can recommend to you at that low of a watt without upgrading your power supply is a Gt 610 or a older GT series or Very Very low Radeon 6000 series card.. You really should upgrade your power supply. Because you don't have but maybe 1 or 2 things to choose from that won't be a huge improvement
  2. Okay then if I was to upgrade the power supply for a Higher one, this wouldn't damage any components right? sorry I'm technically retarded lol. I would also need the link to a power supply that fits my case :) what would be my best choice for a card at a higher power supply
  3. I know a hd5670 works only off the power from the PCI-e slot. I'm not sure what available wattage you have left in there to spare though. I know a 5670 will run WoW pretty well, as I ran one for a while on a old Dell that was bottlenecked by a pentium 4 HT ;) I'm not sure how hard it would be to find a 5670 if you have spare power for one. Good luck though!
  4. His power supply should be just enough to power his rig. probably not even a 30 watt headroom
  5. if you did that, then you'd have a much better list of options
  6. Oh and one more thing I'm sorry I'm being so annoying. If I do get a 300W power supply. A few weeks ago my cousin gifted me this..but manual said I needed 300W to use it. Would this even be a good choice or is there a better one ?
  7. Yea that would be fine.. and No your not annoying. Its what we do. were here to help people like you.
  8. Almighty, I'll keep it in mind. Can you think of a better choice that that one though? I wouldn't mind buying another if it will improve the performance even more
  9. that won't bottleneck your CPU? well a GT 630 might be a little better but
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