First time builder viability/compatability?

Hello, I'm about to embark on my first build and would really appreciate some feed back on my proposed build as far as component compatability and viabilty are concerned. So here it

Case - CM Storm Stryker - $135.00
MOBO - Asus P8z77 -v pro thunderbolt - $224.74
CPU - Intel 3570k - $219.79
PSU - Corsair 750 HX - $125.87
RAM - Corsair 2x4GB Vengence 1600 - $41.89
GPU - EVGA Geforce 660 - $243.16
DVD writer - Asus drw - 24b1st - $17.31
HDD - Western Digital red 1TB sata 3 - $79.79

Any thoughts or suggestions would be much appreciated ...... Thanks
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  1. Looks solid. Could be cheaper,but is otherwise okay.
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    Looks like a solid build, but hears a better GPU and for less money
    The GTX 660 FTW signiture 2 edition -230$
  3. Thanks I appreciate it. Definitely a beter choice. how about the mobo?
  4. Solid build, but don't go with a WD red, go for a black or green, those are the more reliable ones. Reds are normally optimal for NAS
  5. WD blue is the way to go. 7200RPM
  6. So if I swapped the WD Red with a black I'd be good? I' still a little concerned about the mobo. It doesn't need to be the cheapest ...... I want it to last. I also managed to locate a CM V8 cpu cooler for free. is it decent?
  7. Mobo is fine, abit excessive even for average use.
    Yes, swap with a black or blue,or Samsung F3 or Seagate Barracuda.
    Not any better than stock heatsink. Get the Hyper 212 cooler in it's variations.
  8. Thanks I really appreciate the input. I'll be hitting Buy soon
  9. Maybe add a SSD if you have the extra money?
  10. fully intend to add one after getting the base system together ....... probably a 256 GB vector
  11. Enjoy your new PC.
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