Sapphire 7950 OC or MSI 660ti PE OC?

hi guys try to decide which card should i get?, price to performance ratio, cooling and noise (not so much as long as it is acceptable) future proofing for atleast a year? driver problems? hardware problems? A little OC headroom perhaps thats the factors im looking at, and my budget is just simply limited to this one ($300) and games i want to play and maxed out as much as possible with AA of course are, BF3, Crysis 2, Torchlight, Borderlands 2, Batman arkham, sleeping dogs or ANY FPS and open world games i guess, so thanks a lot in advance.. any output idea will be highly much appreciated, and

i5 3470
MSi h77
8gb g skill ares
500gb wd blue
560w x-series seasonic power supply
500r case
liteon ihas dvd drive
benq rl2450h monitor
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  1. if you want to max games and use high AA then clearly the choice is to go with the HD 7950 and it will be future proof due to its 384Bit Bus and 3GB VRAM
  2. The HD 7950 is much better than the GTX 660 Ti if you want to use AA in games.It's also more future proof and highly overclockable.
  3. The 7950 is considerably faster in the games you like to play. You won't get phsyx like you would from the 660ti though.
  4. thanks is Sapphire Brand a good one? its very cheap though
  5. polod said:
    thanks is Sapphire Brand a good one? its very cheap though

    If your gonna spend $300 then why try to save $20? Get what you are comfortable with so you have no regrets.
    Personally, I like MSI.
  6. Sapphire is my personal favorite.
  7. I have a Sapphire 5770 Vapor X, Sapphire 7870 OC and I'm getting another Sapphire 7770 Vapor X, well I started with Sapphire so I'm Sapphire all the way! :)

    7950 all the way!
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