Is this overkill for this ressoultion

is a hd 7850 1gb overkill for 1280x1024
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  1. Do you plan on upgrading your monitor? Sounds like you need a monitor before a new card. To answer your question yes.
  2. not really well i have a gtx 550ti now but wont to upgrade
  3. Overkill can be subjective. What games do you play, and how many FPS do you need for optimal play? I personally need 60 FPS for a game to be enjoyable to play, and 80+ FPS to completely remove simulator sickness issues. In some games, that is easy to achieve, in others it's quite hard.

    So, what sort of performance do you have now, and what would you like?
  4. well i play fear 3 gta 4 dues ex human im getting skyrim sleeping dogs i have l4d2 borderlands 2 crysis 2 and maybe battlefiled 3 yea me to i like 40-50fps
  5. Here is a benchmark with the 7850 at 1280x1024.

    It's a little higher than your project FPS, but I'd think 60 FPS is good. The 7850 may be a good choice, but if you wanted to skimp, you could as well.
  6. I got about 50 fps avg on sleeping dogs with my 7870 everything on ultra, hd textures, aa 2x at 1920x1080. That is why I thought a 7850 is overkill for you. If the 550ti isn't cutting it then a 7850 should be a decent upgrade.
  7. so 1gb hd7850 be ok in 1280x1024
  8. skitz9417 said:
    so 1gb hd7850 be ok in 1280x1024

    It's on the high end. It's perfect for cut edge games, but overkill for others. It will also allow it to last longer than a lesser card, and give you the option to upgrade to 1080p and still have respectable performance.
  9. You can find better deals here:

    Depending on what model you want, some are considerably less.
  10. oh sry i live australia
  11. Ah, gotcha. I wasn't sure.
  12. thts ok
  13. I have a MSI 7850 and it plays all of my games at 1080p on high or ultra. I have the 2GB version though and I would get that over the 1GB model. Its a great overclocker too. For the money, the 7850 is the card to get. I think you would be very happy with it.
  14. is the gigabite hd 7850 1gb any good
  15. Yes the HD 7850 1GB is, for the most part just as good as the version with 2GB's of VRAM.There are however exceptions.If you like modding your Skyrim with HD texture packs, then the 1GB version will recieve a bigger FPS hit than the 2GB version.
    BUT.I seriously doubt you need any more power than what you already have.In my opinion you'll have a better gaming experiance by upgrading your monitor not your graphics card.
    Right now i've got a HD 5770 which is pretty much as fast as a GTX 550 Ti and i can run every new game at decent settings (medium-high) with 50 or more FPS at 1080P.Even Skyrim, when modded and then optimised.
    Honestly tell me.When playing, would you see a huge difference between medium and extreme settings

    And here's a good, cheap monitor for gaming.
  16. skitz9417 said:
    is the gigabite hd 7850 1gb any good

    It's the best bang-for-your-buck right now. And at your res, you can get away with 1GB VRAM. I'd say it's the perfect card for you. It will play Crysis 2 DX11 Ultra and BF3 Ultra + 4xMSAA at about 50fps or better.
  17. and will i get much of a bottleneck from it since i have oc my cpu to 3.7ghz
  18. shouldnt be any bottleneck. get the 7850. will come handy when you upgrade to a 1080p monitor
  19. so what would better for my res 1gb or 2gb ?
  20. get the 2gb varaint. will come in handy in the near future when more games take advantage of more than 1gb of vram.
  21. so at my res the 2gb will fine
  22. ok thanks guys and i will get the his hd 7850 for 199 dollars
  23. Get the IceQ X version if it's not too much more.
  24. skitz9417 said:

    That's a good one at a good price. You really don't need an amazing cooler for the HD 7850 - it's very efficient.
  25. hey im just asking would a hd 7870 bottleneck my cpu i games and i will upgrade my screen to a 1920x1080
  26. skitz9417 said:
    hey im just asking would a hd 7870 bottleneck my cpu i games and i will upgrade my screen to a 1920x1080

    Not really, you'll be getting about 75% the minimum framerate of an i5, but it shouldn't be an issue in the games you play. Upgrading your monitor won't help, it will just give you better image quality at a lower average framerate. Your minimum framerate will stay the same or possibly drop lower.

    If you find your fps dropping too low for your liking, the only upgrade that will make a difference is to an Intel platform and an i5.
  27. how about if i upgraded my cpu to a fx 4320 would tht help
  28. I would suggest upgrading the cpu to the fx 4320 or the fx 8150 (if you have the money for it) and then get a new 1920x1080p monitor. You will still get a good frame rate, but some settings would have to be turned down a bit, unless you want to overclock it. You can get 7850 to a 7870 performance easy and then some
  29. i was think of get one but i might kepp my screen that i have now
  30. and im might wait for haswell when it comes out
  31. skitz9417 said:
    and im might wait for haswell when it comes out

    Not a bad idea. Your CPU is fine for current games. But the only upgrade that will make any significant difference now is to an Intel i5.

    This is off-topic, but keep an eye on MaldoHD 4.0 mod for Crysis 2. The author is set to release the final version in a few weeks. It fixes thousands of glitches and replaces thousands of textures to make the game the BEST looking to date. And it actually runs better at its highest settings than DX11 Ultra. I bet Crysis 3 won't even look as good...
  32. will do hey yea i though that was a good idea because with amd some of the amd cpu slow and thats the reason with i was think should i upgrade to a fx 4320 or wait haswell
  33. Well that bench with BF3 at 1280x1024 is a bit misleading... They must be maxing EVERYTHING out including FPS killer AA, which you don't need...

    I play BF3 at 1680x1050 everything ultra except shadows on medium and no AA,
    I'am getting 55-70FPS with rare short drops to 40s.
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