Computer won't post, fans start and immediately stop

I just built my first computer and am having problems getting it to turn on.

Here is what components I have:
PSU: seasonic x750 gold
MOBO: ecs z77hax golden board
CPU: 3770k w/ stock cooler
RAM: 2x4gb kingston hyperx
GPU: 2x saphire 7950
CASE: corsair 500r
HDD: seagate 1tb
SSD: kingston hyperx 3k 240gb and ocz agility 4 256gb

The farthest I have gotten is partway through the bios when it decided to shut off, maybe 30-45 seconds of being on,this was once. The following was pluged in:
mobo, cpu, stock cooler, 4gb ram, monitor mouse and keyboard

I succesfuly was able to reach the bios screen once before adding the mouse and keyboard. Since then no luck.

I have since reseated the cpu cooler hoping this would solve my problem, it did not.

I took everything out of my case and assembled the mobo with just the cpu and cooler, plugged it in to the psu, and clicked power. the psu fan and cpu fan would turn on for a split second before turning off. Sometimes it would stay on for maybe 2 seconds.

I cant seem to figure out what is causing this after reading the stickies about troubleshooting.

please help.

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  1. Did you reset the BIOS?
    Just asking.
  2. Yes, I have pressed the clr CMOS button and all that happens is it seems to restart the computer, which spins up its fans for a second then stops.
  3. You aren't supposed to do it with the power on.
  4. Could that be something that caused a problem preventing it from starting up again other than the original problem?
  5. Yes. it can scramble/damage ur BIOS or other things.
    Turn off the computer.
    Pull the BIOS battery out.
    Hold down BIOS reset button for at least 5 mins.
    But BIOS battery back in.
    Hold down BIOS reset button for at least 5 mins.
    Start the computer.
  6. I did as you said and it seems to have helped. This is what is happening now.

    It clicks on then off, spinning the fans for a second. 5 seconds later it does the same. After 3 attempts it was able to start beeping at me telling me a lack of ram. It shut off after 15 seconds that time.

    I tried putting a ram stick in each row, one at a time, but was unable to get it to stay on for more than a second.
  7. Have you tried taking the mobo out and try to run it with just the CPU and RAM?
    Try running it with no RAM at all, you should get beep codes right away, and a healthy mobo, cpu, and psu will just sit there powered on(but doing nothing of course)
    Take video card/sound card etc etc etc out. Nothing should be there except mobo, cpu, and psu.
  8. My dad just gave me his computer, I tested my psu on his mobo and everything, it wouldn't turn on. Just a click on start the fan and immediately power off. I'm going to go buy a psu and test that on my build, I'm hoping its just that being the problem.
  9. I just tried it with just mobo, cpu, and psu(just bought a new one to test if its a psu problem). And nothing. Though with my seasonic psu the power button on the mobo remains blue and the little red light next to my ram stays on. The thermaltake I just got they turn off along with the cpu and psu fan.
  10. I just got the thermaltake one working, so it looks like just a psu issue. Gonna throw it in the case m try booting up 1 piece at a time, I'll let you know what works. Thanks
  11. It works...just got windows installed. Now I have to rma the bad psu back to newegg :/
  12. Nice great job man =D
  13. Thanks for the help troubleshooting
  14. No problem
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