GPU - Which brand of 7870?

So I've decided to buy a HD7870 for my birthday. Please don't try to change my mind on this, it's the best card I can find for under £200 (which is the max I'd ever spend on a GPU).

However, I can't decide which brand to go for. The gigabyte OC version appears to be the fastest and coolest in reviews, but after googling it seems a lot of people recommend the MSI Twin Frozr III, HIS IceQ or XFX versions of the card.

Now the "OC" part doesn't really bother me because I'm going to be OC'ing it myself at some point probably. What is a concern is the cooling on it etc. Which one of these is best for cooling, noise + ability to OC?

I've really been considering the gigabyte one, but it seems various people say I should go for the MSI one instead :S
Also the IceQ one is meant to be really cool and quiet, but something seems to be drawing me towards the gigabyte version :S

What do you think?
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  1. I have an MSI 7850 and love its cooler. Its quiet and runs cool. If in reviews the Gigabyte is the coolest and fastest, than that's what I would go with as they do have a good reputation.
  2. go for gigabyte windforce edition its a very impressive card that have buid in quality ait have 1100mhz which compare any gpu manufacturer is 50hz more and have 3 fans for cooling its the best u can get and never hide ur self for taking games on ultra easily
  3. Gigabyte all the way.

    Stay away from XFX. They tend to get quite hot.
  4. That's a matter of opinion, don't listen to people saying to get a specific brand or stay away from it. There is simply no way to tell which is better besides reviews of owners. If you want better cooling go with more fans, less fans if you want it to be not as loud or find a medium.
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