Need some other eyes and advice on upgrade/newbuild gaming sy(budget)


I hope I am posting this in the right place. :)

This is kind of complicated, but I think I can explain it pretty well. Please ask if there are any questions.

This build has 2 purposes:

1. To update my system
2. To make sure it has what my old system will need, that I will be salvaging for the new system, so that my husband can use it.

Things I'm keeping from the old system, for the new system:
ati radeon 5800 series vid card
ps for vid card
dvd player

Things I'm upgrading:

This needs to work with my vid card for crossfire. I saw a video that said that I can crossfire a different radeon (6670) on this mobo/cpu, so I'm assuming it will work with my 5800. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

So, husband will be left with my case, mobo, ram, cpu and case. I'm adding the soundcard for him, because he needs something better than what's on the mobo now. The ps you see in this build will go into this old computer, since I am taking the old one out to use with my vid card. He'll have his own hdd and other drives, and the video card onboard should be fine for him.

So I'm sure I'm forgetting something very important here, so any and all help, tips, suggestions, or advice welcome and needed. I used to be a big techhead, but that was almost 2 decades ago, so I'm wayyyyyy behind and way rusty. Good to see that Tom's Hardware is still around and helping folks! :)

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  1. the cpu chip you have has a 7000 line of gpu that the next gen newer then the 6000 line you posted. if he a light gamer he wont need another card. the onboard gpu is slightly slower then then 7700 card. your over kill on the ram 16g is way over kill unless he doing video editing or large photoshoping. drop it to 8g and use the saving for an ssd or a larger ps if you think he going to get into games. with a larger ps he can drop in a faster gpu when they come out.
  2. Sorry, I should have mentioned that the new machine is going to be the gaming machine. He does not game, never will. Thank you.
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