Can i run my GPU in pcie 3.0 slot with sandy brige cpu?

Hello i have GTX 680 Lightning and i7-2600, most of the motherboards uses PCI 3.0 Slots, i want to buy Msi z77 Mpower and it doesn`t have PCie 2.0 slot only Pcie 3.0.
-- Can i use pcie 3.0 slot with my Cpu and gpu on pcie 2.0 mod. like using pci 3 slot but only with 2.0 bandwidth?
Is it posible? or i need to find motherboard with pci 2.0 slot.
Thanks for help!
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  1. yes u can gtx 680 is new one and easily run on it. it also work with 2.0 pcie slot too
  2. yes u can no problem at all and if u have 2nd generation proccessor it only supports 2.0
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