Hi is My Newbuild ready for windows 8?

Hi I was just wondering if this build which is my first is compatible with windows 8 I am on a limited budget so I thought it best to ask, here is the build:

7870 xfx black edition
asrock z77 pro 4
i5 3570k
ocz mod xstream 600w
8gb ripjaws xl 1600mhz
kingston hyper x ssd
hyper 212 evo

I was going to get windows 8 64 bit not pro. Thanks for any help and sorry if I posted in wrong section. :)
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  1. If it is able to run win7 then it will run win8
    but why you need Win8, and not win7? Here http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/windows-8-gaming-performance,review-32553.html
  2. u r build Support windows8.buy 64bit edition.
  3. I do not know if it runs win 7 or 8 but i can only assume it will, not all the parts have been got yet I still need ram os and hard drive. I think all of the parts are compatible as I have checked double checked and triple checked
  4. hytecgowthaman said:
    u r build Support windows8.buy 64bit edition.

    I will thanks for the help
  5. Buy windows8 any editions u want in 64bit.
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