Will Thermal Pads work for GPU Cooling Pads?

Hello, I was wondering if someone could tell me if the thermal pads Thermagon T-Flex 6100
will work for replacing the fatory ones in Laptops? (laptops make/model listed below)
I had another topic put was really long and didnt get any replies so I figured I would try a shorter question.

Also I bought Artic MX-2 Thermal Paste. I think it should work fine for the laptops mentioned below?
none of them are being overclocked or anything im just pretty much doing a tune up.

4x HP Dv6000 laptops(Dreaded Nvidia Chips)
1x Hp DM3
1x Hp Dv4
1x Compaq F700
1x Compaq CQ56
1x Toshiba U305
1x Gateway NV52
1x Emachines E528
1x Emachines E525

as for the pads I really really was wanting to know if these Thermagon T-Flex 6100 Pads(link below) would work to replace the pads in between the heat sink and GPU. And if they will work, how good? Cause if anyone knows the DV6000 models they run HOT due to Nvidia defect. Or should i use copper shim for those?

I took a Old pad from 1 of my Dv6000 models and it measured 1mm thick ( Atleast i think i was using mm scale LOL)
The T-Flex 6100 pads as mentions below are 2.54mm Thick can I use those? the pads are higher quality i think then what laptops are sent out with so will the quality make for for the size? I know the pads will squish down but i dont want to make it so much of a gap and have it cool slower >< I know im probably being confusing lol


If link above dont work try below.

(Remember to take . out inbetween b and a)

Thanks everyone :)
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  1. hmm i suggest thermal pads are getting old and perhaps they dont works as much longer i suggest use artic mx 2 to apply on the cpu but first remover thermal pads on heatsink and clean with alchol with lint free cloth then apply mx2 in center of the cpu
    since its good to cpu to transfer there heat through paste now stupid thermal pads
    just apply on center on it and u will be fine
  2. Thanks for the reply Monu.
    However the pads right now on the laptops are worn down/tore and in horrible shape.
    So I need to replace them. I plan on using the MX-2 on the CPU however I cant use it on the GPU unless I place copper shims to fill the gaps. Thats why I am wondering
    will the T-Flex 6100 pads work as a replacment to the original ones?
    and will they work good?

    Thank you.
  3. i syggest use mx2 on both cpu and gpu too first off all take of thermal pads on both cpu and gpu then take alchol 70 with cloth clean off both heatsink cpu/ gpu apply same mx 2 on both one because u not want to be open it again and change thermal pad for gpu thermal paste are conductive and last longer as compare to thermal pads
  4. u can buy an after market copper shims to replace thermal pads
  5. I could do that but the I would have to put in a copper shim in all the laptops.
    Which I wasnt really wanting to do lol :P
    Thats why I was trying to see if those pads would just work and would they work better then whats in there now? I know that putting the MX-2 would be BEST results but I dont want to put a shim in unless it would be 100% needed.
    I just didnt know if those pads are made for going in between the GPU and heatsink
    or if they are too thick for what i need them for
    Thank you :)
  6. Thanks for the video.
    However I am still wondering about those pads.
    I am trying to avoid doing the copper shim mod for the GPU unless I have too.
    I am wanting to just do a basic tune-up and get the laptops running nice a cool again.
    Can you tell me if those pads listed above will work?
    are they to thick ? or are they not meant for this kind of use?
  7. it will work fine go for it
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