New hp laptop

hello guys,

I have bought a new HP pavilion g6 2005Ax.

It has

its in mint condition with bill, with 11 months of warranty remaining.

I have played many games on it, but it gives me a li'l lag in performance, game is not smooth.
plz help.

otherwise i am going to sell it.

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  1. pick up K10STAT, its free.

    'overclock' using it to the turbo rate. should help. In addition, adjust your settings down just a hair
  2. k10stat says "can't detect family 10h processor"

    cpu-Z only gives info... nothing u can do in it...

    dude my processor is AMD A8 4500M. i think i can't be overclocked, if yes then plz help me.....
  3. What to do? Go back in time and invest into building a computer. Even on a really low budget you will get alot more performance per dollar than a laptop for gaming.
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