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Monitor blink "auto adjustment in progress"

core 2 duo 2.9 ghz
3 gb ddr 2 ram
xfx 9800gt
cooler master 460 watt psu
win 7

monitor: HPw1907

Since last night my monitor randomly blinks and says "auto adjustment in progress".
When I shut down and then starts after few minutes it runs ok for about 30-40 mins but then again starts blinking.
I clean the monitor with blower and resets my ram and graphics card.

Is there any way i can disable auto adjustment on my monitor.
waiting for ur reply
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    sounds like a bad connection in the cable. First try a new cable, then if that monitor has a dvi and a VGA, try the other connector than the one you are using now.
  2. i connect a dvi cable and problem solved thanks
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