Intel(r) q965/q963 express chipset family


I have this video card in my computer and I'm trying to play Starcraft 2 but it will keep crashing, I am not very computer savvy, just no the basics but I have been reading a few of these with similar problems and I'm trying to find a card that will fit my case and play my games.

Name: Intel(R) Q965/Q963 Express Chipset Family
Manufaturer: Intel Corporation
Chip Type: Intel(R) GMA 3000
DAC Type: Interal
Approx. Total Memory: 256.0 MB
Current Display Mode: 1052 x 864 (32 bit) (60hz)
Monitor: Plug and Play Monitor
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  1. Did you ever find out what graphics card you need? I have the exact same one, and would love a reply for this question too. Im aware i need a graphics card with a PCI connection but...i heard there are also PCI express graphics cards as well so im not sure which of the 2 to get. Someone please help! :]
  2. I happen to have similar computer and i was wondering whether u were able to gt a suitable video card / graphics card for that infrastructure
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