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When I'm playing games with me new hd7850 I get some horizontal lines on the screen.

I discovered a solution for that: limiting the games at 100 fps. I only get those lines when I'm playing a game with 300fps +.

Can anyone explain me why this happens? (Im using an LG screen with VGA (I'm using the adapter that came with the graphic card) at 1280x1024 @ 75Hz.)

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  1. It could be the cable as they do go bad. I would try it with a different one. Could be a bad adapter though too. It would be nice if you could try a different monitor like one with DVI. I would also try running your monitor at 60hz and see if that changes anything. What games are you playing that you get 300+ FPS?
  2. I don't have DVI monitors here :(, but I tested on a TV with an HDMI cable and all seems ok.

    On counter strike source, minecraft, league of legends, etc...
  3. I only have this problem when using the dvi connection on the graphic (I'm using a VGA to DVI adapter).

    Is this normal? Or it's a graphic's card problem?
  4. More than likely it is due to the fact that the standard for VGA was only designed to use up to 72hz (72 fps) and once you go over 100fps quite honestly it is too fast for the dvi > vga adapter to translate to an analog signal.

    Also when playing anything above ~60hz (60 fps) the differences are visually imperceptible. so limiting the output to 100fps is not detrimental to the gaming experience at all.
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