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Driver_Power_State_Failure at shutdown

Stop0x0000009F (0x00000500,00000002,0x823E9020,0x823AC468


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    "Daividslost" <> wrote in message
    > Driver_Power_State_Failure at shutdown
    > Stop0x0000009F (0x00000500,00000002,0x823E9020,0x823AC468

    Start menu, Settings, Control Panel, System applet, Advanced tab, Settings
    button on Startup and Recovery section, uncheck box 'automatically restart',
    press OK, OK.

    when the BSOD happens again, look carefully at the screen dump to see if a
    particular device driver is referenced (drivername.sys). press CtrlAltDel
    on the keyboard or the reset button on your computer to manually restart the
    computer from the BSOD screen.

    get back to us with those details, and we go from there

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