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Hello all..

im about to upgrade my pc , ive been though many forums here , but im really confused...

i now have a quad 8200 with 9600gt nvidia , 4gb ram and gigabyte motherboard and a few fans for each.......

my main intension is gaming(more) , photo and video editing .
and i have 2 maian questions , should i go for intel 2700k or 3930 cause from what i read , 2700k is enough for gaming but im not shure ,

price range is around Rs.40,000

any help would be appretiated guys , thnx
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  1. Here's some examples of what I would use:

    The 3570k appears to be in your price range, so it should be adequate for gaming. You can use any number of brands for the ram; I've used corsair, gskill, patriot, crucial, kingston and samsung. If you don't want to overclock, you can save some going with a b75 board and non K cpu; you should leave enough for a video card upgrade.
  2. no im no gonna overclock ,
    i already have 4 gb ddr3 ram , so thats not extra needed,
    isnt i7 2700k better ?...i mean im askin cause im not so shure
  3. Depends on the price or package deal. The B75 boards are a good value if you don't need too many features or overclock; get one with four ram slots. The 2700K is priced pretty high still, unless you find one used from someone else who is switching to ivy bridge.
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