Would like to check my PC's worth

Hello !!
I'm planning to upgrade my PC's hardware completely for newer and more capable performance PC !! But I would like to see how much mine worth before state a price to sell it !! Here are it's specs:

Biostar N68S+ motherboard

AMD AM3 Athlon X3 435 Processor @ 2.9Ghz

Mayor Performance 2x 2Gb @1066Mhz DDR2 Ram

2x 3Tb Western Digital Green WD30EURS


LG WH14NS40 SATA 3D and M-Disc 14X Blu-Ray Writer

9-in-1 Built-in Multi Card Reader from HP

Palit nVidia GeForce GTS 250 512Mb DDR3

BGM Sli Multi GPU 650watt Fail-Protect Power Supply

Any suggestion will be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance and have a good day !!!
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  1. $150-199.
  2. Sadly enough, I think I agree. If you were wanting to update, The place to start would be new power supply and new GPU and sell the old GPU. Maybe get an aftermarket cooler you can carry over and overclock your current processor for extra performance, and as you get more $$, save up for a new motherboard, ram and CPU. What I'm doing now is similar. I've got an athlon quad on a similar setup with 6 gb of ddr2. I've got a a new motherboard and HD 7770 that I get at Christmas. So I need to get some ddr3. If I don't get an 8 core, I can use the v6 gt cooler I have to OC my athlon until I save up for the 8 core processor I'm looking at.
  3. I agree with that price as well. HOWEVER, I highly recommend removing the Blu-Ray Writer and both 3TB Green drives. You will never see your money back on those and they could be used in a new system. I would install a smaller HDD and install a fresh copy of windows before selling it. You can pick up small refurbed drive on Newegg pretty cheap. They are reliable and factory refurbished. That can also be a good selling point. It is always a good idea to fully format and reinstall. People want a machine that is ready to go. Even if you removed those 3 components you will be at the same price point, but you would have kept some valuable components.

    I've sold a few machines, pc and laptops, on craigslist locally and here are tips and things I've notices.
    - People want a completely working machine, not just parts or barebone stuff. They want to take it home and plug it in. Most of these people are not technical.
    - They want it to visually looking nice. I would wipe it down as much as possible, blow out all the dust, or suck it out with a strong vacuum.
    - They also like a keyboard and mouse if possible. Even if its a generic set laying around. Just wipe them down and clean them up.
    - A reformatted Machine with just Windows. A fresh install runs better and you can say it is reinstalled with factory defaults.
    - did I mention make sure it is visually clean? BIG deal to people
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